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Chief Mark Grey of the Sentinlese

Mark Grey Chief of the Sentinelese was the first man to bring his beloved North Sentinel Island into the 21st century. Most of the Chief's accomplishments, early childhood, and rise to power have been written in the Written Life of Sentinelese Chief Mark Grey. Chief Grey achieved this feat with his political and social movements. As a child Chief Grey had a raw desired to learn about the world. However Chief Grey's father, Chief Sand Grey forbid this son's willingness to learn. After an Alien ship wrecked on the Island causing the 1st Alien War among the Sentinelese, and the Aliens. Chief Grey decided that the only way to learn was to leave the Island. “I had to leave my home country to seek education and how that I have education I want to share it with my people, so they do not have to travel halfway around the world” (Grey). Chief Grey stowaway in the Alien's cargos traveling to their strange Alien World. Since stowawaying Chief Grey has gained dual citizenship, a degree in political science, philosophy, an MBA, has a family of three, and returned to his home country to help his people. As Chief Grey's role model, Oprah Winfrey says "Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom." However in old age the Great Chief has been on a downward spiral since the release of his film Salvager to Stability: A Look into Sentinelese Society. The Chief has been involved in a handful of conspiracies. Chief Mark Grey slowly becoming more of a tyrant in his downfall due to the Waterborne Disease Outbreak. Until Chief Grey passed the Corporal Punishment and releashed a mob on innocent people. After the mob attack the Sentinelese revolt against Chief Grey and was Drowned in Parrot Cove.

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